Playful holiday sports camps for children in London, United Kingdom



Our approach

Back in 2016, we wanted to be able to offer a play scheme for children staying in London during school holidays. Right from the start, we wanted it to be fun, using various games and sport activities but also to define clear educational goals while aiming for high standards for our services.

This is how, our small team at Holicamp, including myself, Mr Blain, PE teacher at CFBL (Collège français bilingue de Londres), have been working on putting together rich planning of activities for children from 4 to 15 years old. We wanted to make sure core values (like respect, teamwork, confidence…) were reflected in our activities while channelling everything through fun and well-being.

We hope you appreciate our approach and we will do everything we can so your little ones enjoy their Holicamp experience!



Bonjour ! 👋

Our team is composed by selected professionals, working with children on a daily basis, animated by a real passion to deliver outstanding days out to your little ones.

Speaking both 🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French, we’ll make sure they enjoy every single moment with us!

  • Lara Davis - Coach Instructor
  • Serigne N’dong - Camp Manager - French “BAFA” (youth work qualification) graduate
  • Ibrahim Zaoui - Coach Instructor
  • Etienne Paquereau - Coach Instructor - French “Brevet d’état” graduate for various sports
  • Alexis Canto - Coach Instructor - PE teacher
  • Michaël Blain - Founder - PE teacher

⚠️ Please be aware that Holicamp Ltd is not affiliated with the CFBL School and is not part of a CFBL Club.



What is the program?

Every morning we will be ready to welcome the participants at 09:45 at our collection point and we will be finishing the day at around 15:15 in the afternoon. Find more information about dropping/collecting your kids further down this page.

What about if I need more flexibility?

We offer our Miracle Child Care as an extra so we can welcome your children a couple of hours earlier in the morning before our camps start. We will also look after them a couple of hours after our camps in the afternoon. See our homepage for more details.

Multi-sports camps

Every week our program is different and can be adjusted depending on various things like the weather, the children, the attendance for example ; but here is a downloadable version of a typical program for primary school children, take a peek!

Primary - Program Sample

For secondary school children, our camps are a bit more organised around a wide variety of sport activities like frisbee, baseball, dodgeball, football or tennis while keeping core activities like yoga, fitness or orienteering too.

Secondary - Program Sample

Football camps

For children who are willing to really focus on improving their football skills and unlock their full potential within different groups, we also provide special football camps!

This is open to all children aged between 6 and 15 years old. The program of the week is bespoke and based on each participant’s abilities so we can see the best results.

Our head coach Ibrahim will be your “football director” during these camps and they will take place at same time and same locations. All of our football coaches work with children of all ages. Your children will embark on a training schedule with us, regardless of their levels, and will enjoy improving their football technique in no time.



Where is this happening?

Outdoors - Hamsptead Heath 🌤 🌳 🌲

If the weather allows it, we prefer to set our camp outdoors, in Hamsptead Heath on Parliament Hill.

Our meeting point is just behind the Parliament Hill Lido swimming pool.

Address Parliament Hill Lido Heath Lodge, Hampstead London NW5 1NA Directions


In case of bad weather - The Dome 🌧 ❄️

What about if it’s raining cats and dogs?

We are always looking to have a backup plan and book indoor facilities like The Dome (a sports complex offering good facilities), so we can still go ahead with our activities indoors.

Sometimes The Dome is unfortunately not available. Make sure to check if our camps explicitly display “⚠️ Outdoor only” or not.

If the meeting point changes from outdoors to indoors during the day because of the weather, our staff will make sure to let you know in advance so you are sure where to pick-up your children.

Address The Dome 170 Weedington Rd Belsize Park London NW5 4NU Directions



What about lunch breaks? 🥪 🍎 🥤

Every day we’ll have a half an hour lunch break between 12am - 12:30pm but unfortunately we don’t provide lunch yet. A cold packed lunch will have to be prepared by the family and brought to the camp.



Do I need to drop and collect my kid(s)?

For primary school children, yes! For obvious security reasons, we require an adult to be mentioned during each booking, including names and contact number, in order for our team to know who is responsible to collect them after each camp. Similar to a check-in/check-out process, we will require a signature from each adult dropping/collecting kids from the camp.

However, for secondary school children, we believe they are old enough to use public transports and/or walk to and from the meeting point, every day. If you still prefer to drop and collect them, this is absolutely fine too but we won’t require any personal details about the adult who is going to be doing so.



How do I book online?

Simply visit our booking page and select which week/camp you’d like to book for your children. We’ll go through all the nitty-gritty when completing the booking we are clear about who is coming, the full week, only some days during the week and so on.

In order to ensure the best level of quality and to ensure health and safety to all our participants, we have decided to limit the number of seats for each week. We also apply a “first come, first served” policy. You can book up to 4 children per booking. Based on our staff, every camp is limited in terms of the maximum number of participants, so we can respect health and safety regulations.



Our holiday camps are the perfect opportunity for children to take part into many fun activities like games and various sports!

In the future, Holicamp would like to offer a selection of quality holiday camps to all children, no matter their school or their origin.

We hope you appreciate our approach and we will do everything we can so your little ones enjoy their Holicamp experience!

Michaël Blain, CEO Holicamp Ltd 56A Athlone street NW5 4LL London United Kingdom



Photo credit: we try to use as much possible images from our own camps when possible but sometimes we also use free images gifted by a generous community of photographers on Unsplash.