Terms & Conditions

“Holicamp” provide playful holiday sports camps for children in London. It is managed by the director of the company, Michaël Blain.

Holicamp Ltd 56A Athlone street NW5 4LL London United Kingdom

1 - Admissions

These camps are open for kids between 4 to 15 years old. This is an online booking system based on first come, first served. The online booking system contains the details of the camps offered from time to time and any relevant joining requirements.

2 - Online booking system

All bookings and payments for the camps must be made online using the Holicamp booking system available at: holicamp.org.uk Holicamp does not accept bookings via email or telephone. Before booking online with holicamp, the online booking system will ask you to confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions. Holicamp typeForm will let you book and pay for camps and give additional information required by Holicamp (for example, naming the persons who are authorised to collect your child) must be either edited online ( if un-editable) notified to: [email protected] as soon as possible. Booking for the camp will be confirmed if the relevant camp can open. This depends on having a sufficient number of children being interested. In the event that an insufficient number of children register for a club, Holicamp will not open the camp and any fees paid in advance will be credited back to your account. Holicamp will send an email to the account holder to notify him/her that a proposed camp cannot open and that the fees have been credited to the family account.

3 - Timetable

The camp will start at 09:45 in the morning and finish at 15:15 in the afternoon.

4 - Lunch

Lunch is not provided by Holicamp. A cold pack lunch has to be prepared by the family and brought to the camp.

5 - Transport to off-site venues

No transportation is provided.

6 - Collection of children

The online booking system will inform you of the collection point for the camp concerned. All GSM children must be collected by a person named on your online account. For Primary kids: you must indicate on the “typeform” if your child can leave the premises unaccompanied or whether you want your child to be collected from the premises (and if so name all persons authorised by you to collect your child). A proof of identity will be required by Holicamp staff if the person who collects your child is not Known to the Holicamp.

7 - Late collection

It is important that all children are collected on time. An additional charge of 8£ per half hour part thereof will be made for a late collection (“late collection charge”).

8 - Fees

The fees are published on the booking system. You will be required to pay the fees due in advance when you make the online booking. All fees must be paid using the online booking system. The Stripe system accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Stripe is a secure platform of payments with his own privacy; for further information, go to https://stripe.com/gb/privacy. Late collection charges fees are due for payment within 14 days of the request for payment. Failure to settle late collection charges when they are due will result in Holicamp taking action (including legal action) to recover all outstanding debts. When a late collection charge is outstanding, Holicamp reserves the right to exclude the child from the activity until the late collection charge is paid, without issuing a refund for any sessions unattended.

9 - Cancellations/refunds

When you book for your child, you hold a position which has been blocked especially for your child participation. In the case your child cannot participate: - If you let Holicamp know at [email protected] at least 2 weeks in advance (14 days) : you will be reimbursed integrally (100%). - If you let Holicamp know between 1 to 2 weeks in advance, 80% of the cost will be reimbursed. - If you let Holicamp know less than 1 week before the camp, nothing will be reimbursed. It is including a child’s absence due to sickness or if the child (or parents) decide to leave the camp before the end… However, Holicamp is required to cancel a session (for example due to an unforeseen circumstances or because it cannot find a satisfactory replacement for a camp leader who is sick or for adverse weather), the cancelled session will be reimbursed by crediting your debit card. In the event that we are obliged to cancel a session at short notice, the account holder will be informed by email message/telephone. Although sessions which your child cannot attend are not refunded, you must nevertheless inform Holicamp ([email protected] / +447578905605) that your child will not be attending the session. Failure to report absences causes distress for staff concerned that the child may be missing. Repeated failure to notify Holicamp manager that your child cannot attend a session may result in your child not being accepted in the camps in the future.

10 - Sickness, first aid and medical treatment

When you register your child, you must provide all medical information required by Holicamp. Medical information is held by holicamp manager and the camp leader. Any medicine must be administered before your child attends the camp. At least one holicamp staff will have a basic first aid qualification. Any child who has suffered from diarrhoea, sickness, high temperature/fever or conjunctivitis must be kept away from the activity for a period of 48 hours after such condition has ceased. Should any child suffer from any of the above whilst attending the camp, Holicamp staff will contact and ask the parent/carer to come and collect the child as soon as possible.

11 - Responsibility for Payment

Both parents (or any person responsible for the child) are legally responsible, jointly and severally, for the payment of all fees, charges and penalties lies at all times regardless of which parent named as the account holder. Failure by Holicamp to make more than one written or verbal request for payment of fees does not constitute an excuse or reason for late or non-payment.

12 - Holicamp policies

Holicamp Safeguarding Policies including Staff Obligations apply to Holicamp. The childcare (disqualification) Regulations 2009 apply to members of staff providing early years childcare or later years childcare, including camps, to children who have not attained the age of 8 and to those who are directly concerned in the management of that childcare. Holicamp staff who work in a childcare setting are required to notify the manager immediately if there are any reasons why they should not be working with children. This includes any staff who are disqualified from childcare or registration including ‘by association’ i.e they live in the same household (or someone is employed in their household) as someone who has unspent cautions or convictions for a relevant offence. If there is cause for complaint, your grievance should be directed in the first instance to Holicamp manager by email to [email protected]. Any appeal will be addressed to Holicamp director.

13 - Behaviour Statement

We aim to encourage and promote acceptable behaviour and respect for others. Holicamp discipline and behaviour policy apply. We appreciate parental support in achieving and reinforcing this.

14 - Grounds for Exclusion

We reserve the right to exclude a child from the camp/ - In case of persistent poor behaviour on the part of the child (which includes, but is not limited to, bullying, verbal abuse, physical violence, fighting, racial incidents, defiance, rudness to others, dishonesty, disobedience and deliberate damage to property), or nonpersistent incidents of particularly serious behaviour (for example which endangers children or staff) - The staff will record poor behaviour in the incident book. These recorded incidents may result in a temporary or permanent exclusion at the discretion of the person in charge of the camp. - Where a parent/carer is in breach of any of these terms and conditions. Refounds will not be made if a child is excluded from Holicamp on the grounds set out above.

15 - SEN and disability

Please, inform the camp manager if your child has a special educational need ( SEN) or disability.

16 - Insurance

Holicamp public liability insurance covers the activities of Holicamp. ( protectivity insurance).

17 - Photos

Holicamp may use photos of your child for communication, publicity. If you do not want this, please, send a letter by mail to Holicamp LTD, suite 146, 4 Fortess Road, NW5 2ES, London

18 - Reservation of Rights

Holicamp reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and will give written notice of such changes to parents/carer using the details held by Holicamp.

19 - Waivers and Exclusions

Holicamp shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by parents as a result of the closure of a session, including but not limited to loss of profits, increased costs or expenses or wasted expenditure. A session is considered as a day of the camp. A camp is a full week service (Monday to Friday) Holicamp does not accept liability for any loss of, or damage to, a child’s personal property, however incurred. Holicamp accepts no responsibility for injury caused during Holicamps activities from a preexisting medical conditions which are not notified separately, as required to Holicamp. It is the duty of parents to notify Holicamp of any changes to your child’s medical condition or other personal details. No failure or delay by holicamp in exercising any of its rights or remedies shall prejudice or affect its ability to do so unless it has provided a specific waiver or release in writing.

20 - Data Protection Policy

Holicamp is aware of its duties under the Date Protection Act 1998 and it is required to process relevant parsonnal data regarding childs and their parents and guardians as part of its operation and shall take all reasonable steps to do so in accordance with its Data Protection Policy. Processing may include, obtaining, recording, holding, disclosing, destroying or using data.

21 - Holicamp data use

Holicamp may use your personal data for Holicamp communication.

22 - Juridiction and governing law

Holicamp reserves the right to amend, without notice, these Terms and conditions. Registration of a child with holicamp is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions, which, subject to any amendment, apply throughout the whole period of the child attendance at holicamp. The contract between you and holicamp is governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.